Barry Stephenson, Artist/Designer


I have loved cartoons, comics, music and movies since…well, since I can remember. I started drawing as soon as I could pick up a crayon or pencil and all my favorite cartoon characters came to life on pages of notebook paper while I watched the Saturday morning cartoons sitting on the brown shag carpet in our livingroom. My love for movies has inspired me to dive into building replica props from my favorite films.


I'm currently the creative director at National Agents Alliance, and a freelance artist, designer and illustrator. In the 25 years I have been a professional artist I have done work for companies such as Disney, Waner Bros., Nickelodeon, Nike, Champion, the NFL and NBA. 


I'm in the process of revamping my website, so please don’t mind the dust. You can find me on Facebook (barrystephenson) and on Twitter (@beeb1989). 


Thanks for visiting,

-Barry S.

Lisa LaFave, Creative Assistant


"Behind every good man..."  Yes, I'm that woman!


Really I am Barry's partner in crime...and inspiration, and biggest cheerleader and #1 fan. I am the creative assistant for his freelance design work and manage the administration of Barry Stephenson Design. We collaborate on many of his projects and build props together. 


I love being creative in many different ways. I recently tried my hand at painting. You can check out my work here. I also direct a local drama team, including an annual Easter pageant that draws crowds of several hundred viewers each year. We have done stage design and construction and a little costuming as well. For us it is about loving what you are doing and having fun while doing it.


Facebook: Lisa LaFave

Twitter: @LuluLaFave


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