Who has the throat slitter?

I love "Grand Budapest Hotel"! And you know me, if I love a movie I HAVE to make something that was in it! I thought this little number would be a fun build. First I bought a vintage straight razor from eBay. After dulling it, (a very important step!), and taking it apart, I shaped the end and cut out all the little chips in the blade to match the screen used prop. After searching high and low for a correct looking vintage toothbrush, I just decided to make one! I made the handle out of wood, molded and cast it so it had the correct curve then added the natural bristles, (cut from a cheap chip brush), by hand. Then using red and white bakers twine and fasten the blade to the brush, weathered and beat it up a little and there you have it! One throat slittle ready for cake!

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